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Many retirees have health insurance coverage through their former employer. Did you know that Medicare programs may be a MUCH BETTER solution in many cases?

In some instances, retirees may lose health insurance coverage offered by their former employer when they turn 65.  When THIS happens, you end up frantically rummaging through insurance information without any real direction or proper education on the process.

That’s where we come in. Medicare was designed to be a lower-cost, higher-benefit plan for many retirees, but few know HOW to navigate through the Medicare Maze.

 If you’re asking questions like:

  • “Who should I call?”

  • “What about Medicare Part B?”

  • “Will there be a penalty?”

...then Managed Senior Services should be your next phone call. We will provide you with the peace of mind and answers your need.  In addition, a clear understanding on the process and an objective look at all of your healthcare options is available through Managed Senior Services.

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