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Medicare While Working at 65

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When employees become Medicare-eligible, they have an option to choose insurance coverage through Medicare in lieu of their employer-sponsored health plan.

In today’s world, if you are working past the age of 65, employer group health plans come with increasing premiums, large deductibles and high out-of-pocket maximums.  Medicare-approved health plan options could provide richer benefit offerings at a lower cost than what you currently pay for your group health plan.

At Managed Senior Services, our goal is to educate employees on all healthcare options including current employee group insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Prescriptions Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage.

We provide the education and assistance relating to all Medicare Part A and Part B questions.  Do I need it?  Should I apply?  When do I apply?  How do I apply?  We are an unbiased consultation firm focusing on real Medicare solutions.

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