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Medicare Eligible at 65

Turning Age 65 Soon? Trust Us As Your Guide.

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As you reach this milestone event in your life, you should be enjoying yourself, not drowning in a sea of Medicare Part A, B, C and D paperwork.  

The health insurance scenario for the Medicare population is very scary.  You read and hear a lot about Medicare running out of money and benefits being cut.  It is even more unclear today with the ever-changing health care legislation.  You have been asked to pay more for your Medicare benefits and not sure what you are getting in return.

You ask yourself, “Why am I getting all this mail and what does it all mean?”  “What is the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement?”  “Why does Medicare use so many letters in the alphabet?”  “Can anybody help me?”

At Managed Senior Services, we will provide you with the education so you may understand all of the Medicare mumbo jumbo and work with you through the process of researching and explaining all of your options so you may make an informed decision.

If you are turning 65 while you are still working and covered under your employer group health plan or receiving your benefits through a retiree plan, you should compare your costs and benefits to available Medicare options.

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