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Employee Medicare Choices


More and more people are staying with their careers longer than age 65 and will have questions about the Medicare process.  We are a resource for HR Directors and Benefits Managers by bridging the gap between Medicare and your employees.  

As your employees approach the age of 65, they will come to you for Medicare guidance.  They will have questions like, “Should I elect Medicare Part B?”, “What is the difference between Medicare insurance and the coverage I have at work?”, “Which one will provide me with the most coverage?”, “I received information in the mail telling me I might be penalized.  What does all this mean?”

In reality, Medicare-approved health plan options could provide your Medicare-eligible employee richer benefit offerings at a lower cost than your current group health plan.  When the employee elects to use their Medicare entitlement, it should also provide the employer with a savings on the group's premium.  Isn’t it nice when both employer and employee can save money and enhance their situation?  We enjoy coming to businesses, sharing our knowledge and helping you and your team.

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