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Rob Bracey and Armen Sharigian met like many business professionals meet: at an industry function. Separately, they were both committed to helping people understand the Medicare process. Once they met, they knew right away that their unique talents together could be a big help to individuals, families and groups navigate some of the most confusing and frustrating programs. The passion and focus of their skill sets and personalities combined is a true differentiator that sets them apart.

We do not represent the health care industry. We are not incentivized to "push" any plans or programs to anyone. We are here - plain and simple - to help YOU, your family and your community to understand, select and implement the Medicare options that will make life easier and more affordable.


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We at Managed Senior Services know that finding the right team to help you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That is why we offer no-cost consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals and your budget.

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Our Team


Founding Partner

Robert A. Bracey IV

There is little doubt that the health care industry is full of confusing information, corporate policies and regulations that can make your head spin and your wallet thin. I have made it my mission to get the word out about the right programs, the right plans and the right information for the people most impacted by Medicare.

As a co-founder of Managed Senior Services, I work hard to prepare for and host live workshops all over the area so that more people can find us, hear our message and make better choices for themselves and their families. Our unbiased educational seminars on Medicare are perfect for employers, physician groups, hospitals, veterans, church groups and retiree organizations.



Master of Economics

Business Administration and Finance

Something Unique

Our industry is known for being full of big insurance companies.  You will feel comfortable working with me one-on-one discussing all options because I'm approachable, warm, and here for YOU.



founding partner

Armen Sharigian II

Ethics and compliance are vital parts of this business that I believe to be absolutely non-negotiable. Throughout my career, I have held leadership positions working with companies that covered those who were eligible for Medicare.  I ensured my values were instilled in the teams I worked with so that our members were protected and respected.

As a co-founder for Managed Senior Services, my focus on this remains paramount. Today, those eligible for Medicare are asked to make decisions without the benefit of real guidance and understanding on the mechanics of Medicare. I feel it is important to educate people on the process then research and present all insurance options that are available. Only then can someone make an informed decision about their healthcare. What you get from me is complete non-biased information that will help you.




Something Unique

I understand that Medicare is confusing and frustrating.  However, by the end of our session, you will have an exact understanding of the Medicare process and be confident of your decision.



Medicare consultant

Nancy Sharigian

I love helping the Medicare-eligible community understand the Medicare maze and help make the best healthcare decision for their own lives. Everyone needs something different! Besides focusing on the 65+ Medicare Community, I also work with those who have Special Needs, who are eligible for “Extra Help” programs as well as individuals who are eligible for Medicare Disability.

I also work with Churches, Senior Communities and Physician groups as a Medicare information resource for their members and patients. At Managed Senior Services, we specialize in conducting educational seminars on the process of Medicare.



Public Relations and Advertising

Something Unique

I'm a "Silver Lining" person - no matter how tough a situation may seem, there's always an opportunity for something good to come.